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Principal's Message

Our mission at Jena High School is to “provide a nurturing community of teaching and learning in which all students will continuously improve to become responsible, contributing members of society.” The tradition of Jena High School has been one of academic excellence. To maintain this tradition our staff at Jena High strives to educate the ‘whole child’ - providing opportunities for participation in challenging academic clubs and extracurricular programs stressing teamwork, discipline, class, and character.  


As a graduate of Jena High School I feel honored to have been chosen as Principal of the school. I believe Jena High School has always been the ‘beacon light’ institution of LaSalle Parish – and I will strive to make Jena High School the best high school in the state. Our faculty and staff are committed to providing an environment where all students feel comfortable and safe; where "Student Learning Is Our Top Priority," and academic excellence is the standard. 

We’re proud of what we are accomplishing at Jena High School, but we will always strive to become better. Our faculty will strive to challenge our students to think and perform at higher levels. However, this can only be accomplished with all stakeholders taking responsibility for the task. Our Jena community will only operate at optimum levels with the support of parents and the surrounding community. With this in mind, please make it a habit to communicate with or visit our school. In addition, Jena High is asking for your involvement in the process of attaining our goals for academic excellence this year. Here are some suggestions as we all work towards this goal:

  • Be sure to encourage your child to take some time to study at home. 
  • Be sure that your child takes advantage of our after school tutoring program – an initiative designed to offer additional help in all subjects after school hours. Don’t wait until it’s too late, have your child utilize this program immediately if they begin to struggle in a class.
  • Support your child by encouraging them to be at school and, in turn, attend and participate in school events and activities that involve your child. 
  • Be sure to attain your username and password to our ‘Parent Command Center’ which allows you to review your child’s grades, attendance, and discipline online; and continue to review progress reports and report cards with your child and communicate with teachers so that all of us are working towards a common goal – academic excellence. 
  •  Finally, ask your child about school every day, and communicate any concerns you may have with us.

Thanks for your continued support. It’s important that you know that as a Jena GIANT parent, you are a crucial part of our school community at Jena High School and all of us (administration, teachers, students, and parents) must communicate and be on the ‘same page’ as we strive to make the 2014-2015 school year one where ‘Teaching and Learning’ is the concentration, and excellence in education is the norm.    


Glen "Slick" Joiner, Principal