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ACT Fees and Waivers

The cost of the regular (no writing) version of the ACT test is $39.50. The ACT Plus Writing test is $56.50. If you qualify for the Free/Reduced Lunch program you are also eligible to receive two fee waivers for the ACT No Writing during your 11th and 12th years. This means 2 total, so you may want to use one during the junior year and one during the senior year. See Mrs. Manning for details.

ACT Information

ACT Information

ACT Test Dates for 2015-2016

The Jena High School ACT code is 191-310.

If you are going to apply for TOPS, be sure to send your scores to code 1595

(Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance) in addition to the colleges you are interested in.

If you are going to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse, you must send your scores to 9999. 

All national test dates for the ACT are given at JHS in the main academic building. Testing usually lasts from approximately 8:00 to 12:00. Students must arrive before 7:45.

JHS cannot provide examinees with calculators on test day, so it is important that students make arrangements to bring a calculator with them on the day of testing.

Test Date                                Registration Deadline           Late Fee Required

September 12, 2015               August 7                     August 8-21

October 24, 2015                   September 18              September 19- October 2

December 12, 2015                November 6                 November 7- 20

February 6, 2016                    January 8                    January 9-15

April 9, 2016                          March 4                       March 5-18

June 11, 2016                        May 6                         May 7-20

Visit to register for the test, and to view general information about the ACT.  


Studying for the ACT will improve your score! There are free study materials in the guidance office for students.

There is a great resource online for ACT prep;

This website is produced/funded by the U.S. Army, but is not affilated with the armed services in any other way. It is strictly for test prep. Student must make an account to use the site, but very little information is required to register. The ACT prep section includes several practice tests and interactive flashcards.