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Teaching Schedule

1st      Advanced Math

2nd     Advanced Math

3rd      Dual Enrollment/College Algebra

4th      Dual Enrollment/ College Algebra

5th      Advanced Math 

6th      Advanced Math



Amy Russell

About Me

I am certified to teach mathematics from sixth through twelfth grade.  I have taught Pre-Algebra, Remedial Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. I a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education.  I am married to Mike Russell, and we have three daughters. Tori an ER nurse, Emilie an accountant, and Darbie attends Jena High School. In our free time, we love to travel. Our family has served on short term missions in Honduras, Belize, India, and Africa.  We hope to continue to serve in this way.  


Final Exam Documents


Please look in the "Resources" documents to access the final exam study guide document.  The document has various links that contain tutorials and practice.

Philosophy on Teaching/ Learning

I believe most students are better at math than they believe.  I truly believe that ALL students can be successful in my  class as long as they are willing to attend regularly, pay attention, and practice the skills.  My goal is stir students to take ownership of their own education.  In this age of technology, students have nearly unlimited resources to further their education.  I have provided several of these resources on this page.